Breeding Barred Rocks

The Barred Rock is a special breed of poultry that virtually breeds true with the addition of Sports (Light males and black females) the sports are definite and sex linked. To explain this relationship simple genetics is shown. The main factors are the Barring gene (Ba) and the Black gene (Bl) there is no gene carried on the female chromosome and this is shown (_). Males have two male chromosomes, the female one male and one female. Exhibition Barred males (Ba, Bl) and Barred females (Ba,_) are shown this way.

( A )

Barred Male xBarred Female

( Ba, Bl ) x(Ba, _ )

When we mate a Barred male to a Barred female, light males and black females appear in addition to birds resembling the parents. The outcome will be one quarter of each type, Barred male, Barred female, light male (sport) and black female Sport). Light male (Ba, Ba ) Barred male (Ba, bl ) Barred female (Ba, _ ) Black female (Bl, _ )

This is the mating one usually employs especially to produce exhibition cockerels. (Ba, Bl )

( B )

Light male xBarred Female

( Ba, Ba ) x(Ba, _ )

This mating is self repeating with no other colours resulting. It is a way of producing all Barred females; the disadvantage is no Barred males are produced but light males (light males from this mating should not be used for breeding as repeated use will reduce the black pigmentation in the feathers).

This is the mating to produce exhibition females. (Ba, _ )

( C )

Light male xBlack Female

( Ba, Ba ) x(B1, _ )

The sports mated together only produce exhibition barred birds. (Ba, Bl) and (Ba, _). Providing the birds mated are from an established strain excellent results can be obtained using the Sports from mating A. This mating will produce only exhibition males and females. (Ba, Bl ) (Ba, _ )

The above mating describes how you breed the proportions of each kind of bird, but cannot give any indication to the quality of the offspring. Barred males and females can be selected for their exhibition qualities, the light males for the same qualities except colour although his ground colour is important. Finally the black females for Plymouth Rock qualities and beetle green sheen but not barring

Barred male (Ba, Bl) Barred Female (Ba, 0)

Light Male (Ba,Ba) Black Female (bl,_)

The light male (Ba, Ba ) contains a double dose of the barring gene and for this reason he is the most important member of the team. When mated to either female, all the females are barred plus mated to black females all the males too. He gets the maximum number of Barred chicks and all his offspring are easily assessable for quality (no sports).

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